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Auntie Moment


Here's me spending time with my cute nephews and nieces albeit online. Andreas, one of my nephews just turned 6 years old three days ago. Sadly I had to cancel my trip back to Manila to join his birthday party. He had a big birthday cake but only had his mom and his grandparents to celebrate with. Chase, my other nephew is 9 years old, Charm is 7, and little Cherish is almost 2. I sorely miss being with them.

Although using the Internet has become a huge part of our lives, I hope that this will not be the "normal" way of socializing in the future because nothing beats being with people in person. I come from a country where greeting and saying good bye to each other with a hug, and holding hands, embracing and touching the people we love- our family and friends, are an important part of our custom and culture. Anyway, I think the Corona virus is just making me more appreciative and grateful for a lot of things that we took for granted when everything felt safe and secure.

Stay strong, safe, and healthy everyone. Keep learning new things as well.





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