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American vs British English

I grew up speaking American English. My husband, Owen is from England which means he speaks British English.

However there would be times (not often) when we actually use 3 or 4 languages at home! Sometimes we use Nihongo mixed with English because we just think it is more convenient to express ourselves using Japanese words. For example, instead of saying, “It’s hot.” We say, ”Atsui!, turn the aircon on.” Or instead of saying “convenient”, we say, “It’s benri.” Our favorite is “Hoooraaa!“ when we want to say “I told you so.” When we travel in the UK we sometimes only talk to each other in Japanese when we do not want other people to know what we are talking about especially when we are on the train! It is always good to be able to speak a foreign language, haha.

I have also taught my husband some short Filipino words and he sometimes uses them. I always laugh at him though because he sounds so funny. Filipino language uses a lot of Spanish words as well. So I think we use Filipino-Spanish. It is quite interesting.

Anyway, English is the main language we speak at home. However, even if we both speak English, there are definitely differences between American English and British English aside from accent. Let me share some with you.





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