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A Unique Rugby World Cup Experience in Japan


Have you been following the rugby games on TV or stadiums? It has been an exciting year for Japan as the host of Rugby World Cup 2019.

Japan's Rugby team has been doing wonderfully. It has won against Ireland and Samoa. Japan is one step closer to the quarter finals. Go Japan!

I have only recently been a fan of rugby and like many other Japanese, the rules seem a little difficult at first. Despite that, everyone can still enjoy it because it is such an intense and exciting sport to watch.

I was fortunate to get a chance to watch the England-Argentina game last Saturday at the Ajinomoto Stadium (Tokyo Stadium) and I would never forget that awesome experience. Rugby enthusiasts and ardent fans from all over the world cheered and chanted passionately for their teams and favorite players. England beat Argentina!

Japan offers its own unique style to the world cup games. The use of taiko drums was a brilliant idea. The powerful sound of taiko drums before the game builds up excitement even more. It's fantastic. My British friends visiting Japan for the world cup games think taiko drums should now be played in every rugby match all the time and I couldn't agree more! Also, the half-time karaoke was a great twist to the event as well! It was so cool hearing and seeing an entire stadium do karaoke! What a fun atmosphere!

So if you have a chance to watch the games on TV please do so. It's time to catch rugby fever!


***Useful English Expressions***

1) build up - to increase; “build up excitement” (盛り上がる)

2) couldn’t agree more - to completely agree with someone

“I couldn’t agree more.” (大賛成です.)

3) catch fever - fever is used to express extreme excitement or nervous anticipation about something; to catch fever means to be feel great excitement about something

“catch rugby fever”/World Cup fever (W杯熱ねつ)


My family visiting from the UK to watch the Rugby World Cup





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