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A Storm Is Brewing

A massive typhoon is approaching the main land of Honshu. Typhoon Hagibis is expected to make its landfall on the weekend. “Hagibis” is actually a Filipino word which means speed or velocity. According to The Japan Meteorological Agency, this could be the strongest typhoon to hit Japan in decades.

I was at the supermarket this morning and everyone was panic buying and rightly so! Better safe than sorry! Take care and be safe everyone.



Please look at the image. What’s the difference between hurricane, typhoon, and cyclone?


Useful Expressions

storm is brewing- this is an idiomatic expression that means that there is going to be a storm. It also means that there is going to be trouble. (訳語 なりそうだ;(転じて困ったことになりそうだ;問題が起こりそうだ)

panic buying a situation wherein large numbers of people buy products in large quantities because they are worried there is not enough of it available or that it would be difficult to get the goods later. (パニック買い)

Better safe than sorry. - It is wiser to be careful and cautious than regret later.

[It looks like it won’t rain but I’ll take an umbrella, better safe than sorry.] (ころばぬさきのつえ)






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